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Fire Extinguisher – Supply, Maintain & Commission

What is a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are often the first port of call in case of fire. They are hand-held portable devices between 2 – 20kg that discharge firefighting media to extinguish or control a small fire. They come in various sizes designed to be effective on different types of fire.

Potentially the most recognisable form of fire safety equipment, fire extinguishers usually represent the first line of defence in the event of a fire. Our knowledgeable team can ensure that you are prepared for any fire eventuality.

C.I.D Fire and Security provide a full-service package to ensure that your fire extinguishers remain in full working order and are legally compliant. We can also deliver training so that your staff know how to use them when the situation arises.


It is mandated within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that fire extinguishers are required in all buildings. Class A fire risks are generally present in all buildings and a minimum of two Class A fire extinguishers are required per floor, which should be clearly visible and accessible at all times.

Extinguishers should be provided for dealing with any potential fire hazard as identified in the fire risk assessment or by the competent person. They should be suitable for dealing with the appropriate type of fire risk. C.I.D Fire and Security work with you to provide the relevant trusted fire extinguishers.


Fire extinguishers should be serviced annually to comply with BS 5306. We provide this service as part of our ongoing maintenance programme to clients, ensuring your equipment is always in prime condition. Customers should also undertake their own monthly checks and report any issues to us. This will prolong the life of the equipment, keeping you safe and saving you money.


Fire extinguishers are versatile fire safety products that contain varying substances suited to different types of fire. There are over 42 different types of fire extinguishers, the most common of which include; water, CO2, foam, dry powder and wet chemical extinguishers. All of the extinguishers supplied by C.I.D Fire and Security meet British Standards – BS5306-3:2009 & BS5306-8:2012.

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