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Hardwired Alarms

Traditional Burglar Alarms

  • Reliable Alarm System
  • Helps ensure peace of mind
  • Protects valuables and belongings

CID Fire & Security offer various different methods to handle this scenario.

Our solutions to intruder detection can fulfil the needs of premises both large and small, with each alarm system tailored to the property. Investing in a hardwired system offers an immediate benefit – a visual deterrent. It is important for it to act this way, as well as provide an audible or silent alarm to notify you that the property has been broken into.

When considering a hardwired intruder alarm, you may want to think about how you are alerted to the presence of an intruder. The silent alarm doesn’t let the intruder know that they have been detected, but notifies you via a method you decide with us. The more traditional alarm siren makes it more likely that the intruder will flee upon triggering the device.

Advantages of a Hardwired System

Hardwired systems tend to be more reliable than other types of intruder system. The main benefit of the wired system is that it is much cheaper to create, but may carry a higher installation charge due to the labour involved in fitting the system in the property There are several ways to install a hardwired system, each with its own benefits.

The other large benefit is that hardwired systems are able to support many more devices than the wireless counterparts, and the integration of new detectors are much easier because the larger selection of components can usually be wired together, no matter the model. The hardwired alarm system also has the benefit of being able to interface with other systems, including any new wireless systems.

With good planning, the hardwired system can be installed to an extremely tidy degree and will not have an aesthetically displeasing look inside of the building.

At CID Fire & Security, we have many years of experience when it comes to planning, designing and installing wired alarm systems, so you can be confident in our ability to carry out a swift and clean installation. We can provide alarms that are easy to operate with access codes, proximity or fobs. We welcome the opportunity to meet your specific needs and guarantee that your alarm system will be professionally installed.

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