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Wireless Alarms

  • Easy installation
  • High-quality alarm system
  • Operate remotely from a wireless control panel
  • Modular system design

Wireless systems are the newer counterpart to hardwired alarm systems. CID Fire & Security have been SSIAB approved installers now for many years, and this includes the design, installation and maintenance of these systems.

Wireless alarm systems were designed many years ago with the residential sector in mind, but have grown over the years to be suitable for use in the commercial sector aswell

Installation of a wireless alarm system in your property should be carried out by certified installers to ensure your Insurance Company recognises the installation.

Advantages of a Wireless Alarm System

There are several benefits to the wireless alarm system when compared to its wired counterpart. Looking at these benefits in detail, we can see that through easy installation, range and the affordability of the wireless devices, you can be assured that you are getting a quality system.

One of the main advantages of having a wireless system installed in your property is that the units are easy to fit and they do not require the extensive upheaval when installing wires. This way you can avoid the cost it takes for physical installation of the cabling.

Each wireless unit is designed to run on batteries, and whilst hardwired units have backup batteries in case of power failure, the wireless modules are tested with long-life batteries as standard. You’ll only need to look at the replacement of these batteries every 2 years or so, but this depends on the model of alarm installed.

Mobile Connected Alarm Units and Cost-Effective Alarm Systems

Several of the wireless modules that we supply at CID Fire & Security can be connected directly to a mobile network. This means they can send out recorded messages or even text messages to a connected Alarm Receiving Centre . This module has the added benefit of being able to function even if the physical phone line has been cut or not present.

The wireless alarm systems are affordable and are a stable alternative to the hardwired alarm systems . They are much easier to maintain, and the unit is easily replaceable if there is a fault.

Wireless technology today represents a credible, effective and efficient solution that delivers security to domestic, commercial and industrial sites.

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