This month two of our engineers participated in the Gate Safe Awareness training session in Bristol, which we found to be invaluable for all of our future security installations.

Justin Tripp, Managing Director comments “Gate Safe Aware is all about ensuring we are kept fully up to date with the latest technology and safety developments in the industry. Safety along with security are our primary concerns for all of our installations, we do not want to find ourselves in a position where we have negatively affected someone’s life or are responsible for a tragic accident, likewise we do not want to put any of our customers or staff at risk. This is a subject we take very seriously. Gates, barriers and security work together hand-in –hand. As we see a growing number of access control solutions employing barriers and gates, we saw the Gate Safe training as vital. Now we have this knowledge within our organisation we will ensure it is filtered through and reflected in each and every project that we complete.”

Accidents arising from a poorly installed automatic gate system can cause personal distress and failure to adhere to the correct protocol for automated gates and / or adopt the required safety measures can prove disastrous, from a legal, financial and ultimately moral perspective. The Gate Safe accreditation represents the fact that we are able to assess whether an automated gates is SAFE. The training course is developed in partnership with The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

Background on Gate Safe Charity

Gate Safe was set up in 2010, in the wake of the tragic deaths of two children crushed by automated gates, in separate accidents. Gate Safe – which has been commended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for its ‘pioneering approach’ – was established to improve the understanding of existing legislation and standards, and to offer further guidance in ‘plain English’ to aid the interpretation of what constitutes a safe gate. The charity focuses on raising awareness of the critical safety issues associated with powered gates amongst the wide range of professionals associated with these types of installations, via training and education.

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