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Fire Detection & Alarms

The choice of which fire alarm system to have is a daunting one to many new customers. Here at CID Fire & Security, we aim to make this choice as simple as possible.

We have been installing fire alarm systems for XX years, meaning we can provide you with a wealth of experience and technical expertise when it comes to your systems – from choosing which system to use, to setting them up and maintaining them for as long as you need.

We offer several different system installations at CID Fire & Security, including:

  • Standard Fire Alarm Systems
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Lighting

You can read more about these systems on our website, just use the menu above to find out more.

Fire Alarm System Design and Implementation

‘We take pride in delivering special care and consideration to the design of each fire alarm system. After assessing the premises, we can ensure that the alarm design you choose will provide the correct detection coverage, which will prevent unwanted activations, whilst remaining loud and clear in case of an emergency.

Each system that we design comes with full documentation of the testing and operating procedures. We also provide you with training for each system, ensuring you’re able to understand these procedures so that you can stay safe and fully protected.

Save Money On Your Existing Installation or Contract

We are also able to maintain systems that are created and installed by others.

By calling CID Fire & Security today you can discuss your requirements and current system setup, and we’ll be able to give you a quote for your new maintenance contract.

Fire Alarm Installation to British Standards

The British Standards are a document that specifies the quality of which our parts are manufactured to and also maintained. It is expected that equipment built to this standard are able to achieve its expected function and operate as you would expect.

You can look at the technical parts of the British Standards Specification, but to summarise for you; there are eight sections of the specification that we consider with regards to fire detection and fire alarm systems:

  • BS 5839-1:2002+A2:2008
  • BS EN 54-11:2001
  • BS 5839-3:1988
  • BS EN 54-4:1998
  • BS EN 54-2:1997+A1:2006
  • BS 5839-6:2004
  • BS 5839-8:2008
  • BS 5839-9:2003

These specifications cover the code of practice for:

  • design
  • installation
  • commissioning and maintenance of systems
  • the specification for manual call points
  • power supplies used
  • the specification for domestic dwellings
  • the specification for voice alarm systems
  • the maintenance of emergency voice communication systems.
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