CID Fire & Security offer a broad range of products for you to choose from when you are considering code entry systems for the protection of your assets.

Many simple door release systems can be implemented. Perhaps there is only one door that you need to secure in your building, and that can be achieved by a relatively basic code combination lock.

The next step up from this is a code entry system that requires a power source, and magnetically controls a door or a lock for access purposes. These look much more professional than basic code entry locks. They have a manual override in case of failure where you will have to use the key to the door.


If you require a large scale method of controlling access to many locations throughout the building a networked PC based solution, allows you to be able to control many points throughout your premises. You will be able to easily control the code on each individual lock and update it from one location.


Whatever the product that you need for you building, CID Fire & Security can provide a solution, from surveying your building to system design and installation and whether you need a single lock or a full system to integrate with fire safety systems.

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